Power Cord Extra Long Beltronics Escort Uniden Valentine One radars


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Power Cord Extra Long Beltronics Escort Uniden Valentine One radars


Extra-long straight power cord for Beltronics, Escort, Uniden and Valentine Radar Detectors with RJ-11 “telephone style” jack

Extra length also allows cable to be routed for a cleaner look, for those hard-to-reach outlets.

Cord measures approximately 3.5 meters (11 1/2 feet) in length.

Works with the following Escort models: IX, Max 360, Max 360C, Max, Max 2, Passport 9500i, Passport 9500ix, Passport 8500 X50, Passport 8500 X50 Black, Passport X70, Redline, Redline EX, Solo S2, Solo S3, Solo S4, Passport 7500S, Passport 8500, Passport 7500, and Passport 6800.

Works with the following Beltronics models: GT-7, Pro 100, Pro 200, Pro 300, Pro 500, STi Driver, STi Magnum, GX65, RX65, RX55, V6, V8, V10, Vector 995, Vector 965, Vector 955, Vector 940 (phone style connector), Vector 895, and Express 795

Also compatible with the Valentine One Radar Detector.

Compatible with Uniden radar detectors that use a RJ11 “telephone style” plug

1 x Power Cord Extra Long 3.5m

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