Beltronics GT-1 Radar and Laser detector


Beltronics GT-1 Radar and Laser detector


BELTRONICS GT-1 Radar and Laser detector

The GT-1 is supercharged with a powerful Digital Signal Processing (DSP) microprocessor that finds far-reaching threats exceedingly fast. The GT-1 digitally isolates real signals from false alerts with a quick, concise response.

Buckle up. It’s powerful.

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The Beltronics V928i is the detector for those drivers that require exacting performance at an unbeatable price. It is designed specifically for peak performance on NZ REDFLEX speed cameras and supplied to our exacting specification. Every unit we sell is bench tested against our radar and laser test equipment so when we deliver you the product, we guarantee it works out of the box.


The New V928i includes selectable band preferences (ON/OFF), expanded K band sweep, K Pulse detection, and Hyper K detection for low-power K band pulsed sources. Beltronics patented filtering provides the most accurate and longest warning of all radar detectors. Laser detection and Safety Warning are standard features. It comes with travel case, customized soft touch finish and smart cord. With performance that keeps up with the Best on the Market this is great buying. You won’t regret buying a V928i.


O P E R A T I N G   B A N D S

X-band 10.475-10.575 GHz
K Standard:23.950-24.250 GHz ( NZ Speed Camera Specification)
K Pulse: Detects K STD with Rapid K Pulse (ISKRA)
K Hyper: Detects K STD, K Pulse, and
Low Power K source
Ka-band 33.400-36.110 GHz
POP 33.725-33.875 GHz
Laser 904nm with 5 KHz Pulse, 33 MHz bandwidth


  • New antenna lens for 40% improved K/Ka sensitivity
  • Expanded K band scan to 23.95 GHz
  • Gold graphic treatment
  • Threat Display
  • Voltage Meter
  • 360 Degree Laser Detection
  • Red high-intensity LED text display
  • Auto Mute
  • Earphone jack
  • Soft touch black anti-glare finish
  • Hybrid Smartcord coiled power cord
  • AutoScan anti-falsing DSP filter
  • Selectable Bands
  • 4-Level Brightness Control
  • Digital Voice Alerts
  • Nylon travel case

The Total Package

Radar detector

Quick release windshield

Coiled Power cord

User manual



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